Young Women's Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 2022

Fusioneer Profiles

Meet the women of DIII-D. Read about what inspired them to become scientists, how they got there, and what it's like to work in a STEM career.

Introduction to Fusion

A basic introduction to nuclear fusion, fusion energy, Earth-based fusion confinement methods, and DIII-D!

Fusion Simulator

An interactive simulator where you can make fusion happen! Step inside a fusion reaction and learn all about the tiny particles that can power the world.

360° Photos

Step into the DIII-D National Fusion Facility and take a 360-degree look at what it's like to work here, including inside the DIII-D tokamak itself!

Informational Flyers

A collection of informational flyers. Learn all about DIII-D, internships and careers in fusion, and the promise of fusion energy.

Bringing a Star to Earth

This video takes a closer scientific look at the research being done at DIII-D and how it applies to future facilities like ITER and fusion power plants.