DIII-D for Fusion Energy
Workshop Feb 16-19

DIII-D is a highly flexible tokamak with world leading diagnostic capabilities, and a talented engineering team able to rapidly implement and test out new technologies. Our program aims to pioneer the techniques and discover the science to develop solutions that project to future fusion reactors.

We are undertaking a workshop to identify the potential of the facility to contribute to the path to fusion energy, and lay the foundations for next steps in DIII-D's research plans.

Meeting Logistics

See the draft agenda.

  • Feb 16: Presentation of ideas

  • Feb 17: Discussion, breakouts

  • Feb 19: What we heard, polling, plans

The registration deadline for the workshop has passed. Zoom connection will be distributed to registered participants.

Existing collaborators check out the internal site here.

We are looking forward to discussing your ideas about work to close the gaps on fusion energy.

More Details

This workshop represents the start of a process to develop future plans for DIII-D. The goal is to collect ideas, evaluate them and understand their significance, as the starting point for an exploration with DOE and the community on the role of the facility, as they develop the U.S. strategic plan for fusion energy. We want to understand the potential of the facility to address key fusion energy questions, using these to inform near term research priorities and proposals for the next funding period for DIII-D, and providing options for the U.S. program to close out critical issues rapidly and cost-effectively.

This workshop aims to provide a forum to consult the DIII-D team and colleagues in the wider community on the facility's roles, and to provide an opportunity to raise exciting new ideas to help prepare for the burning plasma research in ITER and develop an effective path to a fusion power plant. Discussion will focus on exploring the potential of the facility to transform prospects for fusion energy, and aims to draw out the clear practical steps we can take in the near term to advance on these objectives.

This is the time for bold ideas that excite you and your peers - what are the challenges we face? What are the imaginative ways we can solve them? What role can DIII-D play in this vision? How can we discover the solutions necessary?

The workshop process starts with a web submission of your proposed vision for the long-term future of the DIII-D program. All proposals will be sorted by the steering committee to determine if they meet the broad criteria above and to determine if multiple proposals exhibit enough similarity that they are better rapporteured. The steering committee will then invite authors to prepare a brief presentation of their vision for the workshop. The workshop itself will consist of the presentations of vision, wide group discussions of the presentations, and small-group breakouts to enable targeted discussion and refinement of the vision.

Goals & Process

The goal of the workshop is to draw out the key possibilities for DIII-D, and understand how these can be realized, as the basis for upcoming planning and proposal development. The outputs of this workshop will be refined, undertaking further analysis and reviewing amongst a multi-institutional steering committee to develop principle directions. Main proposed directions will be reviewed by the DIII-D Program Advisory Committee and discussed with DOE FES, before progressing to more detailed research planning to identify specific goals and facility development plans as a basis to inform both near term DIII-D decisions and the next funding period proposal for DIII-D.

Our goal is to determine what exciting and critical issues can be advanced, in order to provide the community and U.S. DOE with options to meet its research goals, as the U.S. national plan develops under DOE leadership.